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10 Mar 2022
Gifts for Mum According to Her Zodiac Sign


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It’s Mother’s Day 2022, instead of or as well as a lunch date, why not get a special gift for Mum according to her Zodiac sign?


What to get an Aries for Mother’s Day 2022 

The Aries mum was born in spring and, despite her incredible strength and courage, LOVES to receive pretty flowers! Choose some that represent her birth season, like daffodils or crocuses and see her smile light up. 


What to get a Taurus for Mother’s Day 2022 

The Taurean mum is ruled by Venus and loves the finer side of life! Get her some of her favourite indulgent chocolates or give her a massage to show her just how much she means to you. 


What to get a Gemini for Mother’s Day 2022

The Gemini mum is ruled by Mercury and loves to connect, learn and share! If you can’t find her a good book or an online workshop to attend, she would simply love a coffee date booked with you to really chat. 


What to get a Cancer for Mother’s Day 2022 

The Cancer mum is the mother of all mothers and spends a LOT of her time nurturing her babies. Why not flip the tables and nurture her for a change? Bring her breakfast in bed or bake her cakes to show how much you care too. 


What to get a Leo for Mother’s Day 2022 

The Leo mum loves to live life on the wild side, so since Beyonce tickets and trips away are out of the question right now, how about having a glam night “in”, dressing up together, dancing, and making cocktails? 


What to get a Virgo for Mother’s Day 2022

The Virgo mum is happiest when everything is running smoothly, and, ruled by Mercury, a good chitchat can help her achieve clarity on how to do that. Ask your mum what she needs from you, push a little when she says “nothing” then do what she suggests. 


What to get a Libra for Mother’s Day 2022

The Libra mum is ruled by Venus and loves all things beautiful. Since you can’t take her out, make her a piece of art to keep in her home (pinterest is full of ideas) or write her a poem inside her card. 


What to get a Scorpio for Mother’s Day 2022

The Scorpio mum is an emotional creature, even though she doesn’t show it sometimes! Nothing says I love you mum more than showing up for her. Schedule a regular date with her and she’ll be over the moon. 


What to get a Sagittarius for Mother’s Day 2021 

The Sagittarius mum loves a bit of adventure, but since all the outdoor activities are off the cards this year, take her for a walk somewhere nearby instead. End it with a glass of wine and some music in the garden! 


What to get a Capricorn for Mother’s Day 2022

The Capricorn mum is ruled by Saturn and is ALWAYS busy so the greatest gift you can give her is the gift of TIME. Do some chores for her, pop to the shops, finish some odd jobs and tell her to put her feet up with a good book instead. 


What to get a Aquarius for Mother’s Day 2022

The Aquarius mum is a quirky soul with a ton of specialist interests, making it easy to buy for her. Does she collect ornaments? or have a Harry Potter obsessions? Maybe she’s REALLY into cats? Start there. 


What to get a Pisces for Mother’s Day 2022 

The Pisces mum is a spiritual soul underneath all the responsibilities! Schedule in some time to do yoga or meditation together, buy her a reiki course or some healing crystals and incense to boost her mood. 

What are you doing for your mum for Mother’s Day 2022? 

Ellie Rose xx 

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