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07 Feb 2022
5 Tips for Dating an Aquarius

Love & Relashionships

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Looking for some tips on dating an Aquarius? We’ve got you covered! From the obvious to the subtle, these tips will get you in any Aquarius’ good books. 

1. Have some interests to share 

An Aquarius is a fascinating soul with lots of interests and curiosities in life. As an air sign, they need to keep learning and entertaining their brilliant minds to feel satisfied, and you can often find them deep in study or tending to their obsessions. If you want to connect with an Aquarius, the best thing is to have some of your own interests and hobbies to discuss! 

2. Don’t come on too strong 

Aquarius often gets a bad reputation as being emotionless and while this is absolutely NOT the case, they aren’t exactly the gushy type either. If you want to date an Aquarius, best move slowly, and start off with more of a friendly vibe. So no declarations of love after three dates! Aquarius’ traditional ruler is Saturn and Saturn likes to take things slowly and to suss someone out a bit before diving into deep and meaningfuls. 

3. Stand up for your beliefs 

Aquarius is also ruled by Uranus which is the planet of radical change and activism so you can bet on your Aquarius having some STRONG opinions. If you’re the kind of person who just agrees with others to get along, you’ll repel an Aquarius. They want someone who really BELIEVES in something and will stand up for it no matter who is in front of them. Accompany them to a protest or enjoy some hot moral debate and you’ll be a winner in their eyes. 

4. Chill out 

Saying that, you don’t want to get *too* heated in your intellectual debates with an Aquarius, they’re not big fans of big emotion! Since Aquarius is a fixed sign, they can be stubborn but they’re pretty laid back types and it takes a lot to get most of them fired up. If you’re also a chilled person, you’ll get along just fine. If you’re more of the emotional type, try practicing some breathing exercises for emotional regulation – not that you have to change yourself for a partner but it will help you in all areas of life too! 

5. Be yourself 

The most important thing you can be is yourself! Aquarians are known for their quirky eccentric side and, at times, unusual style or manner. If you’re also a bit of a weirdo, let your freak flag fly, they’ll appreciate it! But if you’re more of a down to earth normie, just be that too, Aquarius biggest turn on is authenticity in all forms, so being yourself is your most powerful dating magic. 

What do you think? Would you add any tips for dating an Aquarius? Or are you an Aquarius? What do you like best when dating? Let us know in the comments! 

And if you want to go deeper, contact one of our readers for a love and compatibility reading to find out just what your Aquarius is looking for! 

Much love, 

Ellie Rose xx 

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