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08 Mar 2022
5 Fun Things to do with your Mum on Mother’s Day


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  1. The first one is a morning of pampering, whereby instead of you going to a salon , you take turns making yourselves look glorious.   Starting with a beautiful foot bath with glorious rose oil and lavender , then a skin buffing session and a light foot massage with gentle oils. Then a head and shoulder massage to gently ease away all of the tensions of the previous week, followed by a new cut and blow dry and you could even take turns in trying out new make- up on each other with a different look.
  2. Another fun idea is to have a day in the like of Gok Wan:  why not take your mother shopping and get her to try on colours and clothes that she would not normally try on, show her how young she can look and how glowing with the use of colours to enhance her natural tones.  A present of a brightly coloured, silk scarf is always a great gift alongside some lovely accessories:  chunky buckle belts, natural quartz earrings and  a necklace that can be used as a natural and very powerful, protective amulet, You may even wish to hold a ritual of anointing the new necklace with incense and allowing the powers of the universe to draw close to this amulet and say a prayer to protect over your mother when she is driving, or travelling or just in everyday life. Have fun!
  3. A workshop of Usui Reiki healing, whereby you  introduce your mother to the ways of healing, which can be used on herself and also on others (with their permission, I hasten to add).  After a lovely meal, you can sit down and take your time explaining that all living people, animals and plants have energy and that it is the flow of energy that promotes good health. then you can show her a little bit about the hand positions for Self Reiki healing, particularly with the hands together in the Gassho position to start (palms together with fingers  straight as if in prayer mode) and then she can place her left hand on her heart and her right hand on her stomach and just relax, breath deeply for  a count of 6 in, hold for 2, and out for 3 and repeat, this really works and also the use of music and enhance this great , joint healing effort. it is amazing how good you can feel once you have done this.
  4. After cooking your mother a beautiful, hearty breakfast of sausages, eggs, bacon, mushrooms, black pudding, tomatoes and baked beans, Take time to look over family photograph albums with pride and loving memories, then plan the day around a day of thanks giving’s for all that you have in your family, your sons and daughters, and all that you will be. Take your Mother to her favourite place, if it is the countryside, talk to her about the power of the seasons: how in the Pagan Times it was the right way of living, in that each season stood for different foods to eat, ways of thinking what to plan and what not to do. Very similar to white magic in that for Spring time , just now you take time to clear out your negative thoughts as well as your closet and take pride in your appearance and giving great joy for having such a wonderful family and loving support. You could have a time of introducing your mother to the true meaning of life: not just love and the power of the seasons but relate it to her own body, for example, the power of the sun is the essence of life itself and symbolised by the heart symbol, the wind is linked to the intellect and power of the mind, the earth and ground that we stand on is linked to our own bones and our support system and the water or beautiful stream that you see or dream of, is linked to your own emotions. The power of the seasons and dreams is intense and very powerful. Again have fun.
  5. Once you have spoken about such things, what about presenting your Mum with the greatest gift you could: a necklace made by yourself. Made with loving pride and tenderness, it could be simply a stone or donut shaped crystal with a cord through it, or it could be more complex with silver or gold wires and a series of different strands of beads and of course your mother’s favourite coloured stones. She would be thrilled and as it has been made with loving hands, she will feel the rays of the love when she wears this, and in turn will radiate that love outwards, this is  the laws of cause and effect. The beauty of it is  quite simply you don’t need to be a perfectionist to make such a gift but do  use crystals, beads and stones carefully chosen that she would like to wear. If she has arthritis include carnelian or ruby or haematite, if she suffers from spinal or nervous conditions use sodalite and lapis lazuli, if she is feeling run down why not use a combination of turquoise which energises the body and tourmaline which balances the hormones.   Enjoy Mothering Sunday and you will remember it for ever, and more importantly so will your Mum remember it.
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