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08 Oct 2021

Can’t think of what to do for Halloween this year? We’ve got you covered with 12 of the most traditional Halloween rituals and activities – all organised by zodiac sign and explained in detail so you know the true Samhain power and magic behind them. 

Aries – trick-or-treat 

Halloween is based on the Celtic festival of Samhain, when the dead were said to walk the earth and cause havoc. Nowadays trick-or-treating is an echo of the traditions that allowed people to create their own rowdiness to scare away the ghosts and ghouls – by pretending to be one of them! 

Taurus – eating candy  

Candy was introduced to Halloween rituals just a century ago by American candy manufacturers looking for new ways to market their products, however, this time of year would traditionally be the Celtic harvest time and people would have celebrated by feasting – and that’s a good enough excuse for us! 

Gemini – apple bobbing 

Bobbing for apples may seem like a fun Halloween ritual for kids’ parties but it supposedly dates back to the Romans, who, after taking over Britain, combined the original Celtic holiday of Samhain with two of their own festivals, one of which was to worship the Roman Goddess, Pomona, whose symbol is an apple. 

Cancer – light a fire 

As the darkest time of year, Halloween (or Samhain as it was called in Celtic times) was a time when bonfires were lit and every home would have a fire blazing to ward off the cold, dark nights. It’s also one really cosy way to spend your Halloween. 

Leo – costume party 

The traditional roots of Halloween costumes go way back to Celtic times where people would don spooky costumes and dance around bonfires to ward off spirits. Nowadays, it’s also a perfect opportunity to look fabulous! For Leos looking for Halloween rituals for your zodiac sign – this is surely the one! 

Virgo – divination  

Get out your tarot cards or your crystal ball because Halloween is a powerful time to do divination. The ancient Druids are said to have utilised this time of year to practice divination and receive prophecies about the year to come.  

Libra – dumb supper 

If you’re hosting a dinner party this Halloween, try the tradition of a “dumb supper” by serving an extra plate of food at your table for the dead. This tradition is still practiced to this day in Mexico for Dia de Los Muertos (day of the dead) on November 2nd as a living memory for departed ancestors. 

Scorpio – horror movie marathon 

Horror movies for Halloween is another way of respecting the dead at this time of year, even if we’re unaware of the significance! The more sensitive amongst us will notice that many of these movies contain kernels of truth in them about the true nature of Samhain, aka the day of the dead. 

Sagittarius – practice witchcraft 

As the veil is thin, Samhain is a powerful time to work your desires into spells! Traditionally, this festival was synonymous with witchcraft, but in the late 1800s in America, people started to remove the spooky, occult elements from Halloween and make it more about community. Why not include both and start a coven? 😉 

Capricorn – study the occult 

The Christian festival of All Hallow’s Eve was merged with Samhain to encourage the Celts to follow it. This day was about commemorating departed saints and banishing the devil’s entourage of evil spirits. Anything occult related was seen as devil worship by early Christians, but nowadays, we have access to many fascinating occult books – so why not dive in this Halloween? 

Aquarius – pumpkin carving 

Did you know that pumpkins are not actually native to Britain? And that the original vegetable carved at this time of year was a turnip? Yep! People carved faces into the turnips then lit candles in them to keep ghosts away from their homes at Samhain time – but these days a pumpkin is much easier! 

Pisces – hold a séance  

At Halloween, the veil between the living and the dead grows very thin and holding a séance is one way to utilise those Piscean psychic gifts. Séances used to be very popular in Victorian times as forms of entertainment! Do you dare to give it a go? 

So which of these Halloween rituals will you be trying? Let us know! 

Many Samhain blessings to you and your ancestors. 

Ellie Rose xx 

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