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24 Oct 2023
12 Traditional Halloween Rituals for Your Zodiac Sign

Astrology / Halloween

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Halloween, celebrated on October 31st, has its roots in the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, marking the end of harvest season and the onset of winter. Over centuries, it morphed into a night of festivities, including costuming and treat-gathering. The mystical aura of Halloween has often been associated with astrological influences. Each zodiac sign, with its unique traits, aligns with specific Halloween traditions. 

From the daring Aries embarking on trick-or-treating adventures, to the intuitive Pisces engaging in séances, the zodiac lends a personal touch to Halloween rituals, making the celebration not only a communal event but also a journey of individual exploration.

Aries: Trick-or-Treat

The tradition of trick-or-treating is a reflection of Halloween’s ancient roots in Samhain, where disguising as spirits was believed to fend off malicious ghosts. Modern-day trick-or-treating is an adventure that resonates with the bold and energetic nature of Aries. 

With a modern twist, Aries can take the lead in organising a neighbourhood trick-or-treat event, designing a map of stops, or even turning it into a competitive scavenger hunt. This way, Aries not only revels in the historical essence of Halloween but also channels their zodiac sign’s natural leadership and zest for challenges.

Taurus: Candy Feasting

The integration of candy in Halloween celebrations dates back to the early 20th century when American confectioners began promoting their sweets for the holiday. This modern-day ritual aligns with the indulgent nature of Taurus. 

For a Taurus-friendly candy feast, consider a selection of high-quality chocolates or gourmet sweets, catering to their love for rich, comforting flavours. Pairing a candy tasting with a cozy Halloween movie night could create a delightful, laid-back celebration fitting for the luxury-loving Taurus, making Halloween not just a spooky experience, but also a culinary delight.

Gemini: Apple Bobbing

The playful ritual of apple bobbing traces back to Roman invasions in Britain, where the celebration of the goddess Pomona, the deity of fruit trees, melded with Samhain customs. Geminis, known for their adaptability and fun-loving nature, may find joy in this age-old game. 

To cater to the Gemini’s sociable and whimsical spirit, consider adding a modern spin like a timed competition or a blindfolded version. Introducing quirky rules or team challenges could also amplify the fun, making the Halloween celebration a memorable, laughter-filled gathering that resonates with the Gemini’s playful essence.

Cancer: Light a Fire

Historically, lighting fires during Halloween, known as Samhain in Celtic tradition, symbolised protection against the lingering cold darkness as winter approached. For the nurturing Cancer, this ritual offers a chance to create a cosy, protective haven for loved ones. 

Modern-day Cancers might consider hosting a bonfire night, complete with comforting food and warm drinks. Sharing stories or playing acoustic music by the fire could foster a sense of closeness and warmth. This gathering, blending ancient tradition with modern camaraderie, provides a comforting and memorable Halloween experience, resonating with Cancer’s empathetic and nurturing spirit.

Leo: Costume Party

Halloween costume traditions stem from ancient Celtic customs of disguising as spirits to ward off malevolent entities. For the flamboyant Leo, a costume party is an ideal avenue to express creativity and bask in the spotlight. Leos can elevate the celebration by hosting a themed costume party, encouraging guests to delve into imaginative or historical ensembles. 

A costume contest with playful awards can further ignite the Leo’s competitive and playful nature, making the event a lively, memorable spectacle. This modern take on a time-honoured tradition allows Leos to shine, making Halloween a fabulous and exhilarating experience.

Virgo: Divination

Historically, Halloween’s mystical veil has been a conduit for divination, with ancient Druids seeking foresight into the coming year. For the analytical Virgo, exploring divination through tarot cards or crystal gazing could be both enthralling and enlightening. 

Hosting a divination-themed gathering, where guests can partake in readings or learn about different divination methods, can offer a rich, intellectually stimulating Halloween experience. By delving into the unknown, Virgos can channel their inherent curiosity and analytical prowess, making Halloween a time of exploration and intuitive growth.

Libra: Dumb Supper

The tradition of a “dumb supper”, serving an extra plate for the departed, resonates with Libra’s inherent appreciation for harmony and the past. While it has similarities with Mexico’s Dia de Los Muertos, the practice can take a unique turn in a Libra’s hands. 

Hosting a sophisticated dinner party with a seat of honour for a lost loved one can be a touching tribute. Engaging guests in sharing memories or toasts to the departed can foster a warm, reflective atmosphere, allowing Libras to create a balanced, meaningful celebration that bridges the realms of the living and the departed.

Scorpio: Horror Movie Marathon

The eerie ambiance of Halloween aligns with Scorpio’s love for mystery and the unknown, making a horror movie marathon a fitting celebration. Delving into horror films that explore life, death, and the supernatural can captivate Scorpio’s intense, investigative nature. 

Hosting a curated movie marathon, perhaps with films that explore different cultural interpretations of the supernatural, can offer a thrilling, thought-provoking Halloween experience. By uncovering the thin veil between reality and the eerie unknown through cinema, Scorpios can revel in the mystique of Halloween, fostering a deeper connection to the ancient traditions that honour the day of the dead.

Sagittarius: Practice Witchcraft

The adventurous spirit of Sagittarius blends seamlessly with the mystical essence of Halloween. Engaging in modern witchcraft practices, such as crafting intention candles or exploring herbal magic, can be a fascinating journey. 

Hosting a communal witchcraft gathering, where friends can learn about and participate in simple, positive magic rituals, could encapsulate both the ancient mystical and modern communal aspects of Halloween. This blend of exploration and community allows Sagittarius to delve into the unknown, making Halloween a rich, shared adventure into the mystical.

Capricorn: Study the Occult

The merging of ancient Samhain traditions with Christian All Hallow’s Eve birthed a rich occult history, ripe for the analytical Capricorn to explore. Delving into ancient texts or modern interpretations of the occult can satisfy Capricorn’s thirst for knowledge. 

Hosting a book club or discussion group focused on occult themes could foster enlightening conversations and a deeper understanding of Halloween’s mystical roots. This journey into the unknown allows Capricorns to indulge their intellectual curiosity, making Halloween a time of discovery and profound insight.

Aquarius: Pumpkin Carving

Transitioning from turnips to pumpkins, the evolution of carving reflects the innovative spirit of Aquarius. The modern-day pumpkin carving activity can become a canvas for Aquarius’ unique, artistic expressions. 

Hosting a pumpkin carving contest with a twist, perhaps with unconventional themes or using a mix of materials, can bring a fresh, enjoyable experience. By exploring new carving techniques or creating avant-garde designs, Aquarius can turn Halloween into a celebration of creativity and innovation, echoing the essence of the original Samhain tradition in a contemporary, imaginative way.

Pisces: Holding a Séance

Victorian era séances were a blend of mysticism and social gathering, enticing the curious and the bereaved. Pisces, with their intuitive and empathetic nature, may find a modern séance a profound way to connect with Halloween’s spiritual essence. 

Hosting a respectful séance, perhaps guided by a knowledgeable medium, can offer a unique, mystical experience. By exploring the veil between worlds, Pisces can embrace their psychic tendencies, making Halloween a deeply spiritual and enlightening celebration.


We’ve traversed through the zodiac, unearthing Halloween rituals that resonate with each sign’s unique essence. From the adventurous Aries to the intuitive Pisces, these rituals are gateways to explore both the ancient traditions and personal inclinations. As the veil thins this Halloween, seize the opportunity to delve into the rituals that beckon you. Whether it’s the playful bobbing of apples or the eerie whispers of a séance, let the zodiac guide your celebration. Halloween is a tapestry of old and new, waiting for your unique thread. Venture forth into the unknown, and make this Halloween uniquely yours.


Alternative Celebrations Around the World

Across the globe, various cultures commemorate the departed and the mysterious in unique ways. In Mexico, Dia de Los Muertos is a colourful celebration honouring deceased loved ones. China’s Hungry Ghost Festival involves offerings to appease wandering spirits, while Japan’s Obon Festival reunites families to honour ancestors. Each festivity, though distinct, echoes a universal reverence for the past.

Modern-Day Interpretations of Traditional Rituals

The digital age has ushered in novel interpretations of age-old Halloween rituals. Virtual costume parties and digital séances have emerged, blending tradition with modernity. Meanwhile, contemporary witchcraft embraces both ancient practices and modern inclusivity, reflecting evolving societal values. These modern renditions keep the essence of Halloween alive, allowing new generations to explore the mystical in a contemporary context.

So which of these Halloween rituals will you be trying? Let us know! 

Many Samhain blessings to you and your ancestors. 

Ellie Rose xx 

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